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Title of the study (diploma thesis):
„Regionalwirtschaftliche Bedeutung eines Skigebietes, demonstriert am Beispiel der Skiarena Nassfeld Hermagor“ (Regional economic impact of a skiing resort, demonstrated on the example of the „Skiarena Nassfeld Hermagor)

The „Skiarena Nassfeld Hermagor“ is of great relevance to its local region (administrative district Hermagor). This relevance is manifested on one hand by the expenses of the company (Skiarena Nassfeld Hermagor) itself – to maintain its business operations – in the form of intermediate consumptions, and on the other hand by the tourists‘ (about 700.000 per year) expenses. The study tries to calculate the monetary effect of the company on the region. The central question is: What is the regional relevance of the „Skiarena Nassfeld“ for the district of Hermagor? The muliplier theory, the export base concept, input-output calculations as well as the regional revenue score card and the value added statement according to ESA95. However, not all locations within the region profit from the „Skiarena“ in the same degree. The closer there distance is to the examined company, the more they actually profit from it. This thesis was examined through and validated by the concept of agglomoration advantages.

Written: Vienna University of Economics and Business, institute for city- and regional economics 2004

The study is available at the city library of Hermagor.

ISI-Journal TRAS
Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania

Article (2013):
Title: Regional development and ski tourism in the Carnic Alps of Carinthia
A presentation of the economic effects from the skiing resort Skiarena Nassfeld Hermagor to its local region