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Welcome to my website. This website is being created parallel to my doctoral research study from the Department of Regional Research at the University of Klagenfurt, and is therefore steadily expanded. After my graduation in 2017 I started a relaunch with my website. I want to continue this site and my research in this field.

I am particularly engaging in regional research with regard to my home region, the peripheral region Hermagor, yet also with peripheral regions of the Alps-Adriatic region in general. Regional research for me, in dependence on Schätzl (2000&2003), has the task of spatial structures and aspects and their changes – because of their internal development and spatial interaction – to explain, to describe and evaluate. This empirical collection, description and analysis of the past and present of space systems of different scales is the basis for regional predictions, but also a precondition for e.g. regional policy decisions, in other words for the design of future developments.

The site serves primarily as a digital business card. The interested reader can learn about my current study as well as already completed scientific contributions written by me. Perhaps it is even possible that the one or another visitor wants to participate in one of the projects. This can be done in many ways, including through networking, interviews, sponsorships, context-specific invitations to events, etc. I am always looking for people who have something to say about their home regions and its development.

Mag. Dr.  Thomas Friedrich Zametter

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